Even entry level Cartier watches is as important as the growth

This year’s two Mysterious watches are as much about aesthetics as technical watchmaking. These not only remind us of the iconic Cartier mystery clocks, but I believe also signals the maturing of Cartier Fine Watchmaking. I expect that means that the collection will see more emphasis on historical inspiration, aesthetics, alongside replica cartier santos. I would not be surprised to see more form cases in the Fine Watchmaking line; currently the bulk of it is round.

And the new Crash with teardrop bracelet, though not part of the Fine Watchmaking line, reinforces my opinion that this is the case (no pun intended). Though Cartier reissued various historical case styles while the replica omega seamaster was still in production, that more or less ceased after the Fine Watchmaking line made its debut. The second trend is obvious, and something that is happening across the industry. In-house, or manufacture or whatever you wish to call it, essentially not ETA, movements are slowly making their way across the mid-range collection. The new Calibre de Cartier chronograph with the 1904CH-MC, with a low price for the basic steel model, is a good example of this. And future releases, perhaps during 2013, will also use the 1904 MC.

Unlike the development of the high-end Cartier watches, this will take place more gradually in my opinion. ETA movements remain reliable, and according to comments made by Johan Rupert, accessible to the group. The growing use of more sophisticated, but it has to be said, still mass produced, movements in the mid- and maybe even entry level replica breitling bentley 6. 75 watches is as important as the growth of the Fine Watchmaking line. These watches appeal to a much broader market, and give buyers in that segment an alternative to mass brands like Cartier.

Cartier does not have a platinum or white gold bracelet available for my CPCP Tank LC XL Pt, so i put a steel link bracelet on the watch. In the evening I can use the Tank as desk watch also this way. Just got a Cartier ballon bleu rose gold watch for my wife (as a surprise) and she loves it! She has a few watches (tag, rolex datejust, perrelet diamond flower ceramic) but this is her first gold watch and we love the warmth of rose gold. Was choosing amongst a Cartier happy sports rose gold bracelet, a Breguet classique ladies and a JLC reverso duo and this Cartier. Wife doesn't appreciate the Cartier when i tested her tastes for watches (even though I really liked the JLC in rose gold). Even though the chopard had more bling (diamond bezel and hapoy diamonds) I felt the Cartier was more iconic and timeless and also had a better case and bracelet finishing and build. Went for the Cartier and she really loves it!

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